Get airtable data based in textbox and populate form

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Someone has a example how to do following task.

I have a form with ID box that I get from TinyDB (this part is working)


I would like to populate textbox Name and Last name with information from airtable based on ID number


When I open screen

For example When I open screen and ID box = 4

Populate Textbox Name = Julio and Texbox Last name = Cesar


Maybe :

I tried to do as your suggestion without success. As well I tried to do as below but don’t work because the rpow number doesn’t has same IdCli number.

I need to get complete line as IdCli column

Basicaly I need to GET the row line with IdCli as global Lista variable and fill textbox on the for with row informations

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If you are trying to import information with an identifier in column A.

You can do that
first, import column A and then put it in the variable type list .

. Secondly, search for the identifier and get the index for the identifier and put it in a numeric type variable …

Third, import one row by row number where the row number is in The variable …

errors may occur, but after using the watch there are no errors and you can run the download circuit for 2 seconds. I could have done it, but I do not have a computer to work on now

Is it possible share with me ?


I made before … I tried to find on the internet.

I spend 3 hours trying to do

Witout success !


After much time Solved!!


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You have come very close to that. Remember the logic what you want…

You should not use this block at this place and you have to check particularly but you are checking the whole. You wont get exact result.


try something like this…

In the else blcok, you can add the notifier to alert them with Sorry wrong ID number like

I Dont know when the screen initialize time itself how do set ID number, if so use like this…


Sorry @Julio_Del_Valle , but i will delete my answers … the ready blocks have arrived …

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