Get Attachments from Airtable Spreadsheet

Hello, How can we get Attachments in airtable spread sheet.

I mean I want to get an image from airtable Spreadsheet. If I upload it to airtable, can i access it from Kodular App ??

If yes, How. I tryed the common procedure to get the column but failed. If anyone know how to do that help me.

Note : Uploading it to cloudinary and pasting the link is the common process. But I want to upload directly to airtable. Will it work ??

No. Airtable not providing storage for images. You can use 000webhost upload image there and use image view in app using airtable through link.

YES, in airtable you can store any attachment, like photos and images.

It is also not possible to upload images or download them using the airtable extension…

Bro it is possible to get attachment but not through the inbuilt Airtable Component. You need to use Airtable API to get it. Use the Web Component to access Airtable API.
I will create a Guide for you to help