Get correct image details, like height and width

Hello koders,

I’m creating a messaging application I’m creating images send and receive function for it.

In messenger when we send screenshot it like first image.

And when its from camera its like 2nd images.

I have used taifuns meta data extension but theres problem like when i send screenshot it shows height 1600 and width 720

And when use pictures it varies…

For screenshot I’m making card view height 280px and width 140px and It’s look Great

But when i use others pictures it looks not good

So i want a system that a can get what’s user sending image or screenshots. And height widths of it.

Thanks a lot for reading this long post. Waiting for your replys.


Yes i did.

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But not worked. First i need to get image height and width then set card view according to image height and width.


Aix link

Or you can use this block also

thanks ,
i already used it. i need something which give me accurate aspect ratio to use that in card view to look good. when i use screenshot in taifuns extension it show perfect data like 1600x720 which i can use but few minutes ago i tried a image from my camera and it shows height 3261 and width 2448. and it various .

I dont know any solution.

But I believe this block will work perfectly

Avijit Das thanks man. its working perfectly.

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And what that set height to -1 means. I mean whats that -1 :thinking:

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-1 mean wrap content and -2 mean fill_parent or match_parent


Thanks man, good to have that to my knowledge cloud… :slightly_smiling_face:


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