Get data from airtable and save it in TinyDB

Please I need a solution to this problem. I make an application that displays large articles, one article may reach 6144 words. The application, for the first time, saves the article from Airtable to TinyDB
The problem is that large articles exceeding 5,000 words are not stored in TinyDB
Is there another way to save articles without internet?

This is my blocks

This is a picture to show the size of the articles

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Hey you can save the data in a text file and save it on your cloud storage, when the user wants to see that that text file can be downloaded and then can be opned in the app itself.

For doing this you have to use following components :

  1. File Storage Component
  2. Download Component
    component_method (1)
    component_method (2)

Convert text to Base 64.