Get error in Script Google

I have some problems about upload method.
i want to upload .txt file to google drive, use taifun, but it always show thats warning.

here is my block

here is my source code google script

thanks before :blush:

I try change the script,
it has same problems

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did you give permision for your sheet, i.e anybody can view?

after saving code you need to deploy every time and use that url in the app

yeah sure…like this?

This is First path picker

Second path and file contain

and this name path and file name

i think its correct file.

Do you success to convert file to base64string?

Try to print base64 string to label to know the result


Use your first script and check this block

what the flip :sneezing_face:
its printed file not found :rofl:

so,its imposible to get kodular upload any file?

i mean, how is it possible if i export my project aia,and import at MIT App Inventor and use the same method?

Thats the problem

in kodular it’s possible for all files

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