Another way to upload images to google drive

Hi everyone ,

Today I found another way to upload images to google drive.

I have tried uploading images to google drive using Pictodrive Extension from @help_cttricks but failed (bad format image), then using google script and KIO4_Base64 extension from @juananton1991 also failed (this extension requires /storage/emulated/0/AppInventor/assets while in kodular is /storage/emulated/0/Makeroid/assets, maybe this extension will be run on kodular if we manually create the assets folder for AppInventor in storage and put the images to be uploaded into it).

Finally I found another way from @TimAi2 (here) by changing the script and using the filetools extension & filey extension by @vknow360 (Sunny Gupta) and it worked.

To upload an image you only need two extensions:

Filey: Encode and Decode Files

FileTools: Some tools to work with files

and put the ulr scrip that I created into the web component (web go to url) in your project, that’s all.

And the web url script is (dont click, just copy paste this url):

I don’t know how to explain it in more detail, maybe someone can explain by looking at the aia file and trying the apk file, or someone will create an free extension for it. Thanks…

Test upload aia - download from drive
Test upload apk - download from drive



Happy coding


I unlist this until this is fixed. And besides that all the blocks should be explained inside the aia with images.

Hi @Sumit1334 are your folder shared?

Thanks @Peter i will give explain more.