Get image url from Json

Hello guys I need your urgent help.I’m stuck off in a huge trouble.I want to get image url from Json but can’t find the way as the Json response have a bit complex structure.I m using jsontools extension
Something like this


Have a look

Here is the available blocks

Give you aia…will surely help as I have already implemented jaon data with jsontools to list view with image.

This may helps you ;

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Yours json isn’t you trying to parse woocommerce products

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Yes you are right

I am also stuck here

@Hasnain_Yousaf Hello

First thing you have to Parse JSON after use get string value block to get URL of image. Simple

:laughing::laughing::laughing:not simple.

Hmm you right but until we not try we will not get any answer because @Hasnain_Yousaf didn’t try it he asking how to do

I tried this.i parse one product image.but can’t parse all product images in list

I know someone who can tell us perfect answer

Your list (urlpicture1, urlpicture2, urlpicture3). You get the items with the Select item block and the Index has to change from 1 to the list size. If you are giving an error message, it is because you are putting the wrong variable that determines the value of the index

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