Get index from list

Max record 500000 max record , should not be more than 1200 then airtable will not fetch it and then if airtable cannot fetch then how can it compare and store on tiny db

Then should I change that?

Change max record to 1200 and remove set notice index to +1

I had already removed that set +1 index now i am going share airtable then i will change mai records to 1200

Note : There should not any empty cell in aitable

Working or not ?

Here are the airtable images

Airtable image

It should be working

Not working

You r storing data at step 2 but u r check data exists at step 1 i.e before storing data

I just wanted that particular user get their own notification by me like system message you can say

This is the image where the user register you, can say that from screen1 their redirect to this screen, this is completely perfect but. I want that particular user get its own notice on the notifier

Check this image
this is old image which i had post before in this topic for this solution

If you wish them provide the aia

I can give you the ais

Check if username tag created ,
with tinydb get tags block

Else debug with do it

Providing ais gives error

Ok, @Tips_and_Tricks_Generator, no aix and no assets

It have assests and aix

It is very common mistake which i was done that

Airtable table name is Table1
That was written by me in kodular is Table 1

As you can there i have a space between Table and 1 but it is not matching with airtable table name, so it is not loading at all.

Soorry i take it long that’s my mistake

And also 1200 , 500000 is wrong

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