Get the video timestamp

I used a video player and I am using this way to show the time position when the video is playing.

Clock1 time interval = 1
But then the label shows that there are 8 hours more but the video doesn’t have 8 hours long.
Also, the milliseconds are not accurate
The minutes, second works well
I suspect that because my time zone is GMT +8, so it added 8 hours??? (but I don’t understand why)
Am I doing sth wrong? Or is there a better option?

just directly set Video_Player.Current Position to label 1

But I thought it would return the milliseconds
Edit: Yes it only return the miiliseconds

I don’t know whether it will solve your query or not, but shouldn’t there be ‘.’ (dot) or ‘:’ in place of ‘,’ (comma) in the pattern parameter?

Let me try

There is no problem with both “,” (comma) and “.” (dots)

Why not try this one?

Because I have to make it as .srt format so I have to make it in HH:mm:ss,SSS
I checked the documentation and followed to the link: SimpleDateFormat (Java Platform SE 7 )

Then @Vaibhav is right.
You should use dot instead of comma.
Like this one:

Set label to current position and then multiply it with 0.001
Lable will show seconds

Tried, same result: minutes and seconds works well, but the hour part is added by 8

Oh yes lemme try that
EDIT: but i also need milliseconds, minutes and hours


Then also use join text block and multiply with respective values
u will get what u want

But should I use round or sth? cuz it shows all decimal number.
Edit: I think I should use the floor block

Of course u have to if u want to get exact values


U can use length of text block for an easy method

wait when second reaches 60 seconds how do I set to 0 again

Use a variable and store values of second in it when Use If then to detect when it is reach 60 then set it to zero again and repeat

set what to zero
I shouldn’t set the the current position

Hmmm as u r doing with lable set variable to get current position
And then use if then statment if it is 60 or greater than 60 then set that variable to 0

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