Get web URL not work

get web URL not work.When I use this block,it will not result anything,also the previous data will not become blank.

Like this,the textbox text don’t change when I click the button.

Are you setting the URL to anything first?

yes,the web is showing webpage.

And if the URL is blank,I think it should return blank,but not did not do anything

Can you just share your aia file so we can have a look into it .it will be more easy to solve your problem then

here it is,thanks.web.aia (1.7 KB)

Here I have solved it try and say give feedback here are some screenshot and Also Apk And Aia file I have fixed your problem try it .and Also Improved The App UI web.aia (626.3 KB)
web.apk (5.0 MB)


Hope its working now

en…it is working, but you didn’t use the"get current URL",I think my problem still exist.

I want to know why the “get current URL” block don’t result the URL.:sweat_smile:
Also , your UI is beautiful​:smiley:

I could Not Understand What You Saying plz say Clearly

the “get current URL” block don’t result the URL
do you understand?

Oak I am looking into it when I will find solutions I will say you

thank you very much
Do you find solutions now?:anguished::anguished: