Getting Double Entries in one card?

Hi All

Got the idea from @Dora but obviously my problem is a little different

I getting a BOTH records showing up in a single card. Its going through and I do get two cards one for each record but the data is double in both

Any ideas?


What is the length of the list? click on do it to check and tell me

now its 4 cause I have 4 recods

Tre to remove all those replace blocks and instead use select list item list index get number. List by walking key path gives you a list to work with

Dora, I put all that stuff in because I was getting backets, square brackets and commas.

Ofcourse you get all this, it is a list


like this?

Yes on all similar blocks

but I dont want all that stuff showing on a card

Also check project settings and see if you have enabled ShowListAsJson or not

yes, its enabled

Disable it and try again

ok… here goes :grinning:

Perfect. I remember enabling it , cant think why???


Your a STAR

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Dora, is there a way to refesh a Dynamic Card View?

Selecting a card deletes the record from the database. Then I want to display a refreshed list…

In order to refresh you have to delete all cardviews and recreate them

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