Empty abnd Repeating Dynamic Cards

Hi All

I seem to have an interesting problem

The block below works, but only ONCE

I fire it off with this
blocks - 2021-07-26T120436.000

it cals this…

but when i press it more than once, I get this…

When I add another record, I then get this

Can anyone please help


if you remove the dynamic card view id on button click you wont get this much of trouble.

When web got text you have saved all the variables into local variable. i suggest you to save the length of the Qresponse in a global variable and when the buttonReg clicked, use the block, for each number from (1) to (get length of the global Qresponse) by (1).> remove card view id by number also remove dynamic label by number

Hi Thanks for that

May i trouble you to mark out what needs to be removed as I dint see an ID on the button click



and if I remove the ID how will the blocks know what to link to???

Hello I have search and found this topic still not closed. Helpfull i can get my solution here. I have try to create my first time firebase linked app with kodular to create a dynamic list view, the same procedure i have been using in Airtable, but i get the problem the same as this topic state, i decided to state my problem here as i am getting empty and repeated card in dynamic list view and the card increase number as number of component increases. Can you help me.

App screen shoot

Those above whitish component are empty space.

My fire base list.

and my blocks are here



I need your help.

just like in the highlighted place add set global tangazo_image to create empty list and try


I have tried it but still the same nothing has been changes



both of above

You tried both or first one? I mean the first one only.

yes one by one

try like this, after getting data from firebse use clock to timer there by we you can avoid the loop…

Designer part for clock


In Blocks section design blocks like this, now it will work without problem. I assure.

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Thank you very much it work perfectly as i espect.

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I have a similar problem but Im unsure how or where to implement your solution after returning data from MySQL.

I realize whether the data is coming from Firebase or MySQL its the same but where and how do I include your method while Im getting all the other data


Very simple. Replace the local variable with global variable, and at the end add clock to timer…

After clock timers you add the remaining yellow block followed by the remaining. Also don’t forget to add clock timer to false


I understand the bit about changing the local varables to global - does that mean all of them???

but not the part when you say " after the clock timers you add the remaining yellow blocks???

Please can you show me what you mean, much appreciated


web got text

  1. set clock timer enbled to true

when clock timers

  1. set clock timer enabled to false
    2.set all global variable to create empty lists

Thanks. Im more confused now but thanks anyway

What… Confused… But why???.

In web got text you need to add three parts
Clock, response, global variables

When clock timer , you need to add for each number block and it’s related

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