Problem creating dynamic card view

I am trying to make an dynamic card view by the following blocks
blocks (22)
in this picture I am using a global variable “NAME” in which 3 lists are exist (got value from firebase). But when I test in companion its showing me (3*3) 9 cards. if the length of varible “NAME” is 4 then result was 8 cards

kindly find my mistake

Show your when firebase got value block??

I hope without creating empty list you continue to add the firebase got value into the add items to the list. So it could be

In, When firebase got tag list block, move the add items to the list block out of the for each items to the list and try. Because of this it gives you n*n

And it seems you want to create cardview according to number of tags only and not by firebase tag value

thank you so much . it works. I have 1 more question, may I ask you here or I need to create a new topic?

If it is related to this topic you can continue else pls create new topic

ok thank you I will create a new one

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Please , one sugestion :


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thank you @Rogerio_Rios. and very sorry for this silly mistake. but literally I am trying to find the solution form 4-5 hours. but I can not find my mistake. I know this was a very simple problem but I am a not enough friendly with making apps that is why I cant recognized the problem.

Is why I cant recognized the problem.

That was the reason I indicated the links above: for you to learn the logic and identify the problems.:+1:

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