I am facing a problem with my app

How to solve the problem: The operation Create Card View cannot arguments:, [aclj, [com google.appinventor.components.runtime VerticalScrollArrangement @ 35d18af], [-2], accept the site:https://community.kodular.io/

Can you show your blocks?

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The Id should be a number, not a string.

هل من الممكن اعطائي شئ شبيه لأنني مبتدئ

Please translate your post, the community official language is English :slightly_smiling_face:.
P.S: you can try to set the is to your counter variable.

Can you give me a simile because I am a beginner

please clarify that

Your blocks are right, just change the tag variable to the counter variable.

I want to show the data in the Firebase application by Dynamic Card View in vertical arrangements scroll

Id’s Should Be Number Not Text

Red blocks are text or strings and
blue blocks are math and numeral blocks.

The dynamic Card View ‘ID’ should be a number. Make your “tag” numbers only.

your tags in firebase should be numbers