Getting error when getting data from spreadsheet

Failed to allocate a 3240012 byte allocation with 481484 free bytes and 470KB untill OOM

I’m getting this error because my app gets lot of data from spreadsheet when a new screen opens

The error is related to memory and is not due to spreadsheet.
OOM (Out Of Memory) error generally arise because, either you are not managing your data properly (like using some heavy images) or you are not switching the screens properly. Follow the tips below (probably 1,2 & 3) to avoid this error

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but my app has only two screens and only one screen consists lot of blocks?? what should i do to prevent this?? i thought it’s happening because the screen initialize process has a lot of things to do

How are you switching these screens? See the point 1 in the above attached topic in my reply.

If possible try to apply the concept of DRY programming. See point 3 in the mentioned topic