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Can you post crash reports from your play console

if your app really need high ram usage and proccesing power then you can’t do much. you just need to tell your user the minimum system requirement to run the app.

I have taken a look at your app and it seem fairly simple. Try to Improve your Blocks. Also Do not Use Clock to execute Functions, it will reduce the apps performance. Also I tried your app on my OnePlus and it seems to work fairly well

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make screenshot and post (something like that):

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Here you go,

It concerns a Galaxy J2 and Moto G4. Both have - as far as I know - only 1 GB of RAM. So probably the size / resolution of the images is the problem.

So either exclude devices with <= 1 GB of RAM from the Play Store or you can try to declare in the Manifest: android:largeHeap="true"

cause of the error, is like what they mention above… Its RAM. Espicially when you try to load big size of assets like image

how to declare it? any procedure or guide materials?

You have to decompile the APK and customize the Manifest.

Out of memory error generally occur if either you are not managing the images properly or not switching the screens properly
Follow my reply below for more information. Do follow the post linked to the reply and see if it helps

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number of components can also cause the issue na ? like 60 visible vertical components in one screen…

Tried without images but didn’t work

Tried your app from google but your app won’t even open on my phone Samsung S6 Edge+, it is constantly crashing (fixed by editing your apk)

I even took closer look att your files in assets, depending on how you are showing your images in your app, which phone do you think will handle images with dimensions such as 1920x1080, 4608x3456px without crashing after som time using it

Also switching between screens with quick interval may cause memory build up, this depends on Android version when the memory is released from closed screen

You also have lots of Lottie animations and this i don’t know how different phones handles it



Can you send me the fixed APK so that I can check the same

Thanks, Boban
I have fixed the error

Another Problem…
I tried with clearing all assets and compiling the apk it worked fine but when i reloaded the web page it is not working after compilation

After removing every 19201080 and 46083456 resolution images the app in now working fine
Thanks Boban
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Is the solution

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