Getting error while accessing pdf from directory. Kindly help

Hello , i made an app which acceeses pdf downloaded on storage and opens the pdf in external pdf viewer…
im getting this error.

my blocks image :

Kindly help to find solution.

does the example app work for you?
How to view a pdf document
also let me recommend you to use the generic path, which is file:///mnt/sdcard, which should work for all devices…

unfortunately still showing same error. :worried:

you forgot to answer this question…

i tried your method as well but its still showing error sir.

you were asking also in the Thunkable forum

is this the same issue here or something else?

same issue on both platform after that 26 level API update. just the error box shows different error details. but cant access pdf on both platform from SD card.

which means, this is something, @KodularCreator should look at…

this error pops up taifun while using your PDF aia file.

appybuilder has found solution of this problem. and after their latest update , files are accessible from sd card

Error is on activity starter and not on sharing component.
Will be fixed for next bug fix release.

Solution until we release a fix?
Just add the sharing component into your project (No matter if you do’n’t need it. Just drag it into your project)
You will then see that it fixes it.