Getting this error when changing screen (only after the update)

Everything is working fine on companion app.
On exported app whenever I press button to change screen app force close after the latest update eagle.
This is what I get from summary


Which components are you using?

found the cause of error :smiley:

Whenever I use “close screen” block to go to another screen, app force closes.
So I removed all close screen blocks from my whole app and now it’s working perfectly.
Maybe there is an issue with that block.


So you are saying that I should remove close screen block… But my app having 6 screens and if any user opened all screens then my app will crashed…:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
I need to close screen before opening another one​:pensive::pensive:

And what about image loading from assets … There is an error with image loading from assets…

I put 2 images on my screen 1 … With source from asset.

But they take time to load …:clock1::clock1::clock1::clock1:

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maybe your app will crash on removing that block, but first give it a try

I am also loading images from app assets on screen1, but it takes no time at all
show ur blocks or check ur image size maybe it’s too big?

How to get storage read and write permission… Please any block image… Request

you will find this block on Screen1 block section

It’s not the block that’s causing the issue. From looking at the log you provided, your app is crashing because of a missing library. If you can tell us which components you are using, we can find out which component is causing the problem.

Components =





Same problem is with me also…:unamused:

they will solve it in next update.

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