GIF Animation with Kio4_anigifK

Hello experts.
I want to create a splash screen using a GIF file. For this I used the extension KIO4_AniGifK.aix.
The simulation / test with Companion works. When I install the APK on my phone, I get an error message. After a long search I found out that the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE authorization is missing. Must this correction put the extension or my app. Doesn’t the query appear automatically during installation?

How can I best set this authorization?
Can you display gif animations without this extension? Are there other solutions?

Thank you for your answers!

u can use lottie animation…and u can find every type of animation in thier website…

Yes their are lots of possibilities using Lottie animation

As @Professional said their are lots of animation available in Lottie website

Or you can create one according to your need

How to Create Lottie animation json With your own design

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