Go back button and white page

hi, i read several posts about the white page shown after i clich the go back device but but at the moment i don’t find a good solution. Do you have something to suggest in order to fix it correctly?
So when i use webviewer and i activate follow links, when i click on back button all works but when i arrive at the home page and i reclick on back device button i see a white page :frowning:
pls help me

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Read my post 24 September 2019

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doesn’t work… i tried

Please trie replace webviewer1 . Home Url with text. Like my picture

same result: white screen

Ok sorry this work fine for me before.
Replace on text block You home url with about:blank
If this don’t work give some time and found the solution

Try this one:
blocks (59)
Please tell me if it helped.

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Check this again (in Designer or blocks) if there is a slash (/) at the end:


This should work:


this finally works. It doesn’t close screen or exit application but disable the back button when i’m on the home page and this works for me. Thanks.

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Not for me.

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