Google Ad Manager

I have not received any invite link from Google ad manager in my gmail account

I applied for Google ad 8 days ago

plz help

What do you see in your My Kodular payments page?


You have not been invited yet. Please wait till you receive an invite. There is no specific time-frame to get invited to use our new components.

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Situation of Kodular Ad Manager Approval Right Now!

User: We are hungry

Kodular : We have lots of food.

User: Can we eat

Kodular : No!

Why some users are treated like KING and others like dogs… give equal opportunity to all.

Please help i don’t received Google ad manager invited link

We’re currently making our new components available to a few users so that they can test them out and give us feedback. We’re still fine-tuning how the system works, and hope to make it available for everyone soon.

We would rather release our components in phases than, by your analogy, serve food that may not be up to the mark.


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