Ad manager account

dear community members
How can i get started with google ad manager. Shall i buy premium package in kodular. How i will receive request invite. Please help me with the procedure. how can i started with it.

Hi @Zahoor,
Go to Kodular Creator to create a new project. When you complete your app then save it. Kodular system will review it in 2-3 business days. After approve this app, you will receive a private msg from kodular for create ads account.


Thanks Dear Daud Mushtaq.
So I will sent an approval request for the monization in kodular and has to wait for the kodular reply.
actually i am trying to sign up for the google ad manager and and when submit to signup click its showing


Google is reviewing your AdSense account application. As soon as you receive an email indicating approval, you can sign in to Ad Manager.

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in app can i add google ad manager component or later i can add. Please help me.

I think it take 7-14 days for approve the application. you can contact me on Daud Mughal