Google App Billing - Got Owned Purchases not working

I am having an issue with Google App Billing.

Purchases are obtained when the connection is initialized, however when I use the


A message popup says that the Purchases are being loaded, but nothing happens on this event. Can someone confirm if they are having issues?

It will load eventually


So when someone buys a product, or subscription how am I supposed to enable it?

I have never had this issue on other apps. Subscription purchase is made, then I have to do a get owned to confirm it was purchased.

Am I doing something wrong?

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It triggers only after a callback is received from Google servers which depends on the speed of the network connection.

I have a 100megabbit connection . Firebase works perfect. Are there any other known issues?

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This is not working. I dont get the purchases back consistently. It is very sporadic. I have deployed in alpha mode and am using test mode.

Any ideas on what is going on?

Are you using test product id when using test mode?

Testing subscriptions.

Ok, it responds ONLY on the first boot of the application.

I was able to make the purchases but I had to delete the application and install it for it to do a proper query

I also tried your original version of the AIX and get the exact same response.

If I can get the TOKEN that was issued at subscription time, I can do a web based query.

Have you have had a chance to look at this?

Do you want to verify the token on your own server? Currently, it is not possible. But I have plans to replace the Anjlab library (which we currently use for component) to the official Google Play Billing library. That should be stable as the Anjlab library has some known bugs.

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I checked his code, and the token is part of his library,

What type of bugs? The issue is, I am only getting the subscriptions on initial application start. Thats it.

Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong? Can you recreate it?

Pavi have you had a chance to take a look at this?

Why the Got Subscriptions only works on a fresh install?

Yes , if i will erase app data and reopen its work