Google play subscription payment

Does the goolge play subscription payment only work for products, anyone with the same problem?

are you talking abut the billing component?
there still might be some bugs in that component concerning subscriptions…
see several threads here n the community…


yes, the google pay api for the subscription payment does not appear, when i click subscribe nothing happens, but the product purchase api works perfect… is your billing extension working perfectly with subscription purchase?

did you upload your apk file to Google Play to test the app?

yes of course :upside_down_face:


yes, it’s exactly when i send it to google play it doesn’t work, in apk test mode it works perfectly

Don’t use in app billing component. I used in my comission also increased and when user try to buy products then payments failed I faced too loss don’t use it okay

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I honestly think that the only thing that should work perfectly is in-app purchases and advertisements. More attention should be given to this part by the platform’s creators as this is the most efficient method of generating revenue for those who develop it.

what is apk test mode?
you can test In App Billing only after uploading your app to Google Play…

in test mode apk, the app generates a test product. The products are working through google play, only the subscriptions do not work