Troubles with In App Billing subscription

Hi everyone,
i am experiencing troubles with the in-app subscription.
I’m offering 3 days free trial and then a subscription but the button doesn’t lead to anything.
If i’m on Test Mode, the button shows the payment method, as soon as i swap Test Mode off, it simply doesnt work: pressing the button doesnt lead anywhere.

May someone help?


The variable is an obfuscated text called “abbonamento” - same name of the one in the Play Console’s subscriptions

Also, i know it doesnt show it to me as i’m the owner; it happens when friends of mine tried it using their phones.

there still might be some bugs in that component concerning subscriptions…
see several threads here in the community…

as workaround you might want to use my billing extension, see here

PS: @Diego do you like to put that onto your bug list?