Google drive upload issue on android 11

Hallo everything I tried aia from the helper app, thank you app helper for your aia this is very helpful to me in application development, but I found a problem where when I uploaded on android 11 by selecting a file in the form of documents such as word, excel, pdf, pptx I found a problem where when the document file selected application experienced force close (exit itself suddenly), but when I use android with a version below android 11, I can do it it’s like uploading a document file and this can’t be done on android 11

Why won’t you contact the developer of the app ?

I have contacted the developer and the developer has not replied to my message, I ask here if anyone knows how to solve my problem

Why are you using Filey AND KIO4_Base64 extensions. You only need to use one of them.

I thing the problem is come from extension to pick file on Android 11.
Have you try this App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Pick a file | Pura Vida Apps to pick a file

use logcat to find out why the app force closes