Google drive video not playing

Google drive not playing in web view

Any one help me pls


Here is not one videos links,here is custom list and from

Use Activity starter

If you do not want to use an extension then make sure that video’s url is in the form of

because the Video_Player needs a direct link

Also note that you have to use clock component to avoid error 701



test.apk (5.2 MB)
test.aia (100.3 KB)

Not working

Your Android version please

10 version

Change url to

It perfectly working on my phone

@dora_paz Please check the apk

It is perfectly working in my device also. (Android 10)

It seems that you have directly started video at a long duration.

Wait for sometime to load the video and see.

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Even tho the aia works from here and the video it self is 207 MB, but if I’m not wrong video above 100MB wont work for every one in WebView from GDrive


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