Google login failed

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This is my code whats the problem it fails everytime

Settings are correct? Try to add a label and set provider as label text to read what is happening. Try the same for login success to test if you are able to get user data

Do you upload jason file correctly

1-Check that you linked your app to Firebase with the correct package name that you use in it
2-Check that you uploaded the JSON file to your assets
3-Check that you configured Firebase Authentication and enabled Google as a provider and configured it so that it works well

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Why are you using if condition in the login failed block? It is being useless.

Your problem is probably because the authentication component only work with the apk compiled. In the companion it won’t work.

I did everything correctly

am compiling it, not doing in companion

If you don’t show your blocks and you are 100% sure that you didn’t make any mistake it becomes impossible to help.