Google Maps component doesn't work in companion

The map view of Google Maps component doesn´t load in companion, but charged on exported APK.

Does not load ? Did you insert the necessary blocks?

quais seriam eles ?

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Welcome. Start reading here.
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And then search for Google Maps in the search tool. Here in the community there are hundreds of examples ready to be used and tested

estou tentando configurar qual tipo de camada quero visualizar , talvez tenha sido esse o erro , muito boa essa sua informação

Oficial language is english only. Please maintain that

I tested everything , but google maps does not show any image , the error follows in the conpanion or as apk

communicate in language number one in the world , boring but necessary.

Maybe : Search results for 'GOOGLE MAPS after:2021-08-01' - Kodular Community
and … Google Maps Component doesn't show Map in Companion - #4 by pavi2410