Google Maps Component doesn't show Map in Companion

Google map component does not showing maps on companion. it is blank.

i have activated billing account


created api

i have done api key setting in kodular

Testing device MiA3 Android v-11

Can you help me please.

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Can you please suggest me it is my problem or component problem?

Still i have fasing the same problem. Google map component doesn’t working in kodular companion.


Google Map Component works fine in Apk. but not in companion. still shows up as the picture above:

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It is not working on the companion because the free quota on our API key has been exhausted. And setting your own API key won’t work either unless the app is compiled with the API key.


Activate the billing system or choose from the settings the map style

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it is necessary to have only," Maps SDK for Android" active?

I have the same problem

i have the same problem

Thank you so much

Me too, but when installing it works very well, we can continue to work, but when testing, it must be installed

What you mean by choose style
I have the same problem,Maps and google maps don’t load

You mean in the tested application or after recovery apk

When you configure the api at the bottom there are settings that you have to fill in like map style

También me esta pasando no muestra nada y ubica la cámara a las coordenadas asignadas creo que es un problema que esta pasando con google mapa

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It is also happening to me, it does not show anything and locates the camera at the assigned coordinates I think it is a problem that is happening with google map

Read :point_down:
Maybe help You

it does not work

So, this issue has already been posted here in the community.
In fact, in this post I showed, the user said that what I suggested didn’t work … and then … he said he hadn’t read what I posted…

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Same issue here. Any solution?

The Viewer is like this:

But the Companion:

Is someone else facing the same issue?

@Kodular @Diego

Same problem, it doesn’t work.