Google Map not showing in Companion

Hi All

I get this on Companion

and I get this on the screen (in Kodular)

and I don’t know why the map shows up om yje computer screen in Kodular development but NOT IN COMPANION

Any help appreciated



Already it was answered by @pavi2410 ,

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Ok, Thanks so whats the alternative?

Compile as apk and test on your phone

but I dont have a key?

Why do you want it? To use in a apk it doesnot need any key. If you want you can obtained it from here

Thanks lets try that

Nope, No work

Can you show your blocks?

blocks - 2021-08-28T074019.154

BTW I got a key

Do not use the second block here… move it in when map is ready block and try

Sometime this also will lead to failure. So do one thing, move both the fields into the when map is ready block. I am sure it will work to you. If not use click component here. When map got ready set enable location and clock time true (2sec-3sec limit) , when click timer set the move camera blocks

Lets try that… Thanks

Also make sure that tinydb is not empty

for now, Im only running this…

blocks - 2021-08-28T075208.968

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Yes, have you got the result ?

no, nothing shows up

Still no map

blocks - 2021-08-28T081200.263

The story of my life!

Have you tried with your own api key?
Insert at , settings>api keys> navigate to last , find google map api keys

Yes this will work to you, i am sure.