Help with makers on Google maps

Hello all

I could really do with some help please, i have already searched through the forum and youtube but i am unable to get the Map and markers to work.

I believe I have the blocks correct but when I test the map I get a blank screen with the google logo in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, no map no markers

I just want to create a simple google map with about 20 markers along a route with just names of locations and a short description, as i have tried to do in the blocks.

Does anyone know how i can get this to work please.

Thank you

This ?

You must also upload your problem screenshot…

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Hello Rogerio_Rios
Thank you, but that is not the problem i have, I did read that thread in the forum before but I do not get anything showing on the companion apart from the google logo in the bottom left corner.
I will upload a screenshot of the display from the companion

Thank you for your help

hello here is the result I get when I test the map and markers in the companion app

As you can see I just get a blank white screen but with the google logo in the bottom left hand corner, no map no markers.

Any help with this would be amazing thank you

You can test when importing the application and there is no problem that it is annoying right but does not stop working

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Did you test in APK ?

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Gmap won’t work in companion. Everyone you need to test with APK only


I have just set this all up in a new app created an APK and tested the app on my adroid 8.1
device, I get exactly the same effect with the apk as I do with the companion, a blank whit screen with just the google logo in the bottom left corner, no map no markes.
I can not seem to get this to work with the companion or as an apk

any other idea as to what I can try please

Thank you

Did You check This solution ?

Thank you
yes i have tried this it did not help.
Thank you

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In Companion and APK

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Is there another Maps blocks?

I am very happy it is working for you.
I however can not get it to work, I have been trying for 3 days now and still can not get it to work.
Think I will scrap the idea of the Map and just put an image with the locations marked.
Would be nice to have the map but i can not get it to work or show anything like what you have shown in your screenshots and i have tried everything here on the forum and everything i can find and on Youtube, it has just left me very frustrated.

I still can not get the map to work or show a map or a marker i get a blank screen with just the google logo in the bottom left corner.

It will be easier to just add an image with the locations marked than keep trying to get this map to work.

Thank you very much for all your help

Do you only have these blocks in your app?
Did you enabled your location ?

May be due to this, Did you fill this one?, if filled mean need to check for other fields



I created a seperate app to test the map it is now being removed from my main app
the test app had only the blocks above to test the map and markers
I truly have no idea how to get this extension to work correctly
i have downloaded and tried AIA from the internet and i can not get a single map to work
Maybe it is just the cheap phone i am using.
My head has been fried by trying to get this map to work and failing.
I will just leave it out of my app and maybe try it again some other time.

Thank you

I think so, because I showed Dora’s solution in the Second posts… :+1:

but I don’t think he read it… :no_mouth:

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I did read it Thank you

I am trying the API now I did not have it in the project settings
I will copy and past now and try again
Thank you
I did not see the section with the API for Google maps thought it would have been on the right hand side settings or in the blocks