Google Maps walks and Paths not showing up

Google Maps walks and Paths not showing up. I tried it on other devices but the result is the same.

Wait this might be internet problem or you can share your app let me also try

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I have the same problem and asked the devs for a response.


Did you try in your companion or also build an apk? I had the same problem as you but i used my own api key and made a billing account on the Google Cloud Platform and now everything is working as it should.

For what i use Google Maps for i guess it should be free. Just to show a map and project my own route and marker.


I don’t speak english.


How do we do this? I also have my app appear only to me when I install it on another phone the map is blank and the mark is also.

What is the billing account? I read and did not understand, and what is the period, says 90 days? What is this period? I create tags for users for each user a tag and also sites for moving cars. I mean I would like to work on more than one active site and do a wandering in the map, but the user is fixed and does not need but I did not understand Google Maps, how to use it, what is billing, how, and do I pay for it in the future and how much it takes and what it depends on the exchange I have a lot of questions and I am still looking for answers

I solved it without opening a billing account…

See the pictures I posted.

faturalandırma hesabı açmadan çözdüm…

Gönderdiğim resimlere bakın.

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I did what you say and the problem is solved
thank you very much
but can you now bear without billing I would like to have hundreds of tags and dozens of animated sites in real time

That’s great. I was just posting my solution. As far as i can see, and hope :wink:, i will only use the basic display case of Google Map and that will (always) be free when you use the Maps SDK for Android. I made a billing account because it told me so on one of the pages. It was required.

Google will always keep an eye on things. So changes are that in the near future you will still get a message to attach a (credit) card to your account else it will stop functioning. Let’s hope not.


I already follow all instruction above

  • Make API Key
  • Connect project to Bolling Account
  • put API Key on my project in kodular
  • Map Style and Map management
    but my maps not showing up…

Am I missing Something?


Do not appear or just confused.
Activate the billing. I think this will solve the problem completely. I also faced these problems, but it succeeded and my maps are working, but I cannot enter the project because the billing card is not linked and it asks to bill the projects

select to mobil app and sha:1 add… green okey icon should be on!

its same with me…billing is active…
i do everything just like all step like your picture

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