Google Maps component show only certain points of interest?

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Dear fellow Kodulars,

I have been trying to implement the Google Maps component into my application which will only show certain points of interest in my city. For example, I want to show the map of my city using Google Maps with only showing the restaurants in the map (not showing cultural POIs, and other POIs).

Is this even possible? I have been trying every seeting that I could find for Google Maps component but without any luck.

Thank you for all the help.

Kodular Draco :dragon:

Why dont you create your own style for Google maps?
After you created one you can use it.

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Hi @Mika,

Thanks for your quick reply. That is true, one can use the Map Styler by Google, but there is no option to only show restaurants and bars, but only the entire ‘Business’ category (which includes restaurants and bars among others like banks, etc.).


If google dont provide what you want then there is no way to do it.

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Hi @Mika,

Seems like you’re right. Thank you for the help, though. I’ll try to search for some workarounds.


Since there is no solution to hide some points of interest I added now a event which detects clicks on the point of interest places.

Maybe it helps to handle now more things.

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Great to hear that!
Is it already visible or it’ll be a part of the next Kodular release?

Thank you


It will be possible in the next update

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