Setting border to Google Maps

I am developing an app using the Google Maps component and I need help how to set borders to the map, what I mean is the user can move only inside a given area for example in a country in the Google Maps.


So for instance not to be able to move outside this are/city.

Use Polygon with LatMax, LatMin, LngMax, LngMin. Set bounding box also.


Doesn’t work for me. Did I set it properly?

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No you didn’t. If I’m getting your point correctly you then you might wanting a box shape inside your map for a desired area and it should not be draggable…

Am I correct?

then look at it.


Only zoom enabled, not dragging.

Not exactly, I’d like to have a polygon like this and the inside of the polygon can be draggable but the outside of this polygon shouldn’t be draggable.

I mean, in this city (Kecskemét) you can rotate, scroll and zoom, but outside this city (outside the polígon) you can’t rotate, scroll and zoom.

It is possible?

No…it’s not possible in Kodular as far as I know.

I found an alternative. Thanks @plantdoc2018 for your help.

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