Good morning friends,
I need a little help, I’m trying to use the google maps component but it doesn’t display the map when I emulate, what am I doing wrong?


You have to use your own Api Key

ok dora. thank you very much for the feedback, a question. the api key, is it the same one I use to display in php for example?
or do i need to create another one for android?

I’m using a key to display the map on my site and it’s perfect.

<script type="text/javascript">

Correct me if I’m wrong.
thank you very much

Here is a tutorial to get api key

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Google map in HTML

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tks great, thank you so much for your help, i’ll check it out… and test it, i’ll send the feedback

See also here

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ok ok. i think i was trying to use the key i created for the java maps api. and not for android, I’ll study… tks…Dora.!
tks Avijit…


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