Google Maps Marker

Thank you so much

Can you help me? I did the same thing as you did with error 12014 when showing the markers on the map.

Please debug your blocks with Do it and show me the values in global_json . Most probably in title or snippet you have empty spaces. For example if title is My home you will receive error 12014 but if title is My_Home then no error

I managed to solve the problem, really my title had spaces, but in order to use spaces I just put “” in the title and subtitle in json, leaving it like this image


i tried this method but for me it is not showing marker can some plz help me


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I used firebase db to store and retrive data i can store the marker data but can’t retrive it
it is showing a blank space when i ask for the data in lable

Chance house to house/ and see if it works

I tried it but it is still showing nothing.the lable is still empty.did you get many markers or just one

Is firebase configured correctly ? url, token , bucket ?

can u send me a example of how it should be because i am new so i don’t know which is the proper format of url

See here

thanks. i had wrong url and token

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

Can we change size of marker in google maps

I do not believe it is possible, maybe using an extension

The first Start Value is not working and I am getting a error. Can anyone help me. When I click the DO IT block, Its working fine. But Programmatically it is showing the following error.

Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘’ on a null object reference.

Can anybody pls help me

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