Google Play Games Sign In Not Working

Hi, I have searched this forum and there doesn’t seem to be a solution for making the Google Play Services signin work.

Signin is always unsuccessful and setting last account to false does not bring up the prompt to select account. I have followed all the documentation and tutorial to for this component and I see others have same issue but no solution given. Has anyone got this successfully working? Please assist.


PS: I have added this condition for signinattempts variable to prevent continuous login attempts.

have u filled e desiger prperties

Yes, I have filled the Google Play Games App ID.

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the blocks global atempts +1 is wrong

this seems wrong to me

Hi everyone, I got this working. For some reason, google seems to remove some codes when app is uploaded as .aab to the Playstore in order to reduce file size for users. Uploading an apk solves this issue and play games signs in fine.

The same issue is affecting other components like sound and player components. Sometimes error playing sound is received but this issue seems to be solved if an apk is rather uploaded for same app.

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