Google play has been published but i want to change url address

google play has been published but i want to change url address.

How can I change the url user name in the picture?

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You should had placed a custom package name in screen 1

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Can it be edited with an update? what should i do now

It cannot be changed once published

If you still want to change that, unpublish the current app and publish a new APK with a custom package name.

By unpublishing current app, you will lost all ratings, downloads.


To make this possible you must go to your project.

Click on Screen1
In the following image I show you how

And you’ll have to upload the new app to the play store

The one you uploaded with the wrong link, place that is no longer public.
As here I had to upload the application again from 0. Since google does not allow you to make that link change. What you want to do you must upload again the apk with a different packname as I did.

I hope to explain that I am using a translator.
I hope I helped you.!

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Remember only change your packname and sole as a new app in play store