Google Play In App Billing

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile since i logged in to Makeroid (Kodular),

I’m creating a new app and in a need of to get certain clarification or perhaps an assistance.

Does the in app purchase can only be made once?, after the purchase Google gives an error saying that “you already own the item”

How can i make the product ID for the in app purchase to be able for multiple purchase instead of one-offs?

It’s basically like a consumeable item for them to purchase, i wouldn’t want it to be a subscription based

Thank you in advance

Welcome back!

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Ouhh thank you for the reply, any news on when will the consumeable block will be available?. Have you tried using @Taifun in-app biling extension?

No idea on any news. I haven’t personally used the extension, but if it is still available, Taifun is definitely a trustworthy source for it. Hopefully you can contact him for any questions.

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did you use in app billing by kodular or puravida extension?

i am using by kodular it works with test code
when i am using product id from playstore it doesnt works
i have published my apk on play store

I’m currently using Kodular’s In app biling, as what i know in order for the product to be purchase multiple times. We need to have a consume product block. So far Kodular’s in app biling “consume product” is removed due to above mentioned topic forwarded by @Saezy as below

When we updated the component to use the official Google Play Billing library, it broke the consume block so we decided to deprecate it until we fix it.

For your later response, i was able to use the product id from playstore with no problem, just make sure to activate the product and link the product for your app.

can i see your block?
because i am failed to subscriptions method from playstore

Sorry mine is basically just a simple when button is click = purchase product id block

For subscription i’m not sure for the blocks, maybe others can help you out.

Have you set up your payment method?. Google will transfer wire your revenues to your bank account that you provided. You can set up to get paid weekly/monthly

Do take note that all your in-app/paid services will be deducted with 30% Google fee + Country Tax of the buyer.

1 more thing to take note is that, google will charge a small amount of fees for the bank transfer aswell, Hope this helps