How to buy the same product in app billing several times?

Hello dear Koders!

I was searching and trying out everything but there is still no solution on my problem…
My problem/question how can i renew a product in my shop with kodular?
In the in app billing there is no block what makes me the renew

Any solution how can i slove this problem?

Is there something way to do it? I still cant find!

I still looking for help with renew item in app billing

Is there something way to do it? Or none know?

Maybe my words was bad…
If the user purchased 500x coins package he cannot buy once more why?
How can i reset this solution? If he would like to buy more 500x coins he cant :confused:

you have to consume the purchased product before being able to purchase it again
however according to the documentation In App Billing - Kodular Docs the Consume method is deprecated…

I don’t know, how you can consume the product currently using the built-in billing extension…
@Kodular might want to explain…
as workaround I only can offer my billing extension, which still offers that method…


Thanks for the answer! I will check it

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