Kodular in app billing subscriptions not working

Hay guys please help me. In app purchasing component is not working on my created app. Tell me where i am making a mistake. i also use this extension https://aix.pavi2410.tk/Billing but it said item not found.
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

How. Where are your blocks?

Do you want your account to get suspended? Iab extensions are not allowed. Also, Kodulad uses pavi’s extension so it would cause a name conflict when you imported it.

this statement is not correct
you can use In App Billing extensions… only Ad extensions are not allowed…

But to use @pavi2410’s extension does not make much sense, because it is an outdated version of the now built-in in app billing component of Kodular, see also

However the built in billing extension still has some issues, which need to be fixed, see for example

For a working in app billing extension, see here App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps


Screenshot_20200703-195219_Telegram X

Ok, maybe the correct statement is that you cannot use IAB extensions while also using ads in your app

@Vishwas please clarify…
thank you


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my block

as already said use the built-in billing component

or the working billing extension


yah i actually used built-in billing component yesterday and published on alpha production but its did not work. nothing happened

the built in billing extension is buggy
see also


So what I do now any solution?

Perhaps try

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@deanart2012 did you used it ?

About 3 years ago on another platform. It worked.

Is this a dangerous to my PLAY CONSOLE. I am talking about that for this statement.

because i’m not able to purchase another play console anymore.

What happened to this statement? Any explanation?

I bought this (App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps) extension . Its work good but there is no any (when after purchased) block . then i publish it alpha production. Its work good. yesterday i have published it on production rollout. but google reject my apk for metadata policy violation. I have just fix it and republished. let’s see what happens next.

You probably added something like


In your app description

no no I wrote the word “can” twice.

check it. For typing mistake :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

this is becaue of technical reasons… the example projects and screenshots provided here App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps demonstrate how to use the extension


So today my application is approved by google. And also in app billing system work fine. A big thanks from me to *@Taifun * for give me his extension. I recommend to everyone who facing the same problem to use this extension (App Inventor Extensions: Billing | Pura Vida Apps). please ignore my bad english :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: