Removing blocks of the In App Billing extension

Today I entered my application and got this information:

What is going on?! The block still works and why will it be removed? The same happens with the Consume block.

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Because you did not need it longer.
And btw the blocks does absolut nothing any more

So how do I initialize the In App Billing component, @Mika?

@kammarsoft As Mika indicated, that block has been deprecated and right now, doesn’t do anything. You can delete that block from your code.

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I think he wants to know how to use in-app billing now.

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How to use in-app billing now.

Hi team Kodular
I too face same problem as km_wpwp_pl.
Native “In_App_Billing” blocks does not work; Taifun extension may be a last resort.

Any feedback or advice appreciated.


Now it has a become challenge for me to consume it. Or i have alternate to buy a extension for in-app billing.

this is a very old thread… it does not make sense to continue there… I will close it therefore…

and as it has been said, the Consume method has been removed because of a bug and since then not added again… see also


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