Consuming items in IAB

So, the new update seem to fix the in app subscription and for some reasons, I was able to make the in app purchase work out fine.


But, after a user makes payment, he isn’t able to do it again. In other words, how do I make it recurring and not just one time.

This is the error message below

Have read the Docs about ‘consume sku’ and feel that is important but I have not figured out a way of implementing it and no topics on the forum has that. I’ll be glad to get an extra idea on how to solve this problem. Thanks :blush:

Anyone available to help with this ?

Subscription have expiry .
And if a user subscribe thro that subscription id he can’t subscribe again untill expire…

You can add more subscription with different ids so user can buy more

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For example … for $1 make another subscription id
For $2 make another … so every subscription have different id .
User can subscribe as much you add IDs

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you first have to consume your purchase before being able to purchase it again…
try the product id as sku


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This is available while using the paid plugin. Okay, was thinking the inbuilt extension could work.

Thanks for the help

I’ll buy your extension in few hours. Thank you :blush:

The Consume method was fixed and added back in the Kodular Fenix release.


Oh, looks like I missed the release notes :sweat_smile: Nice to hear it starts working again.

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Please see this if it works for you: Publish app on Play Store if have in-app-purchase - #7 by pavi2410

If so, why doesn’t it work :hushed:

Am checking this