In App Purchase Automatically Updated with extra Option

I was Working on an App and suddenly my in-app purchases showed me an error. turns out that magically an extra placeholder just popped up in the in-app billing called “product type” What are the configurations please help. I Have to Submit the App to my Client ASAP


Currently Doesn’t work on Companion. Will start working when companion is Updated in Play Store. Only apk will work

sane with me

Got it solved on Discord

I have extension version 6.0 billing. waht version biiling on in kodular?

V5 just Updated. But rules are same

what block if user consume again to purcase

You can Use INAPP several times but it will be manual. But SUBS will be automatically every montg or year whatever you put

purcase only one time user can buy…but if use consume again can buy again …if not user can buy again … block consume again i dont know whre

I didn’t get you

if consumed product id then purcase buy first else buy again… that block like that… i dont know in kodular block

What about this block, how to check “is purchased” product in app. How to check that customer already purchased a product.

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Blocks changed also.

Is this not working?

How setup it.

Show erorr when use “check purchase” block

Does not work in the companion as of now. It will only work after updates

Also not working in apk or apk bundle on play store. I tried all

This block missing now in billing library, which new block replaced it.

this one is the replacement i guess

can you share your block setup for billing library purchase a product or subscription ?