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Dear fellows,

I have created an app and after verifying I uploaded to Google Play and It got rejected due to that error " Provide instructions for app access ". So I did. added signing in details, method in the app access section in the “App content”. after second rejection to to the same reason, I created a “testing google account” - fake account - and provided the credentials of that account into the “App access”.

the Problem is that Google Testers get “Login failed” while I have tested the account many times, and I have tested the APK on many devices and it is all working well.

Could there be a problem in the “compiling APK from the AAB file uploaded” this seems the only gap i can think of. all my testing with all my users are for the APK compiled in Kodular Creator and the login credentials are OK.

Google Staff compile the APK from the AAB and they get the fail message.

What could be the problem and how to solve ?

AAB is only a type of app packaging. If you’re getting login failed, that must lead to an issue with configuration in the login provider. What method of login are you using?

I’m using Firebase Google Authentication,

what could go wrong if the APK from Kodular.creator works fine, and the APK from Play console fails in login ?

Have you already tried downloading the (generic) APK from the Play Developer Console and testing it on your device?
If so, does the login fail?

yes, I have created Internal Testing Release and the Login failed in the APK downloaded from the playstore Internal testing link.

This is the Login Code

Your app from G-store is signed with a different keystore

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I can’t thank you enough !! BIG thanks !! it works now. It was the App Signing Certificate updated in google play and should be updated in Firebase.

thanks a million.

OK, but then you should have noticed that the app from the Play Store (downloaded from the Play Developer Console) does not update your app from Kodular.

Then it would have been immediately clear where the problem was.

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