Google playstore rejected the app

My app got rejected to the above problem . ; For the first reason , i had put block as shown below . I use 2 components : contact picker and gps location .

In the above , i dont use send and receive sms permission . How can this be deleted ?

in the second screen , i type in the phone number as the data is stored in the number in firebase bucket. Should i allow any permission in the second screen …

For the second point , i dint understand what they meant by Privacy policy link invalid.
Do help
Thanking You in advance.

Are you using texting component
If yes then remove it

Yes , i am using texting component

You need to upload into a secure and publicly available place a document containing your privacy policy. On the forum you will find instructions how to prepare such a document.

Then you take the link of your privacy policy and you copy it into the appropriate input field on Google Play. I’m attaching an image, so you see where to locate it.

That’s why you got the error.


Hey ,
They said i need to put privacy policy if the target is under 13 years of age . My app does not target this age category . So i will leave it blank right ?
The problem in leaving it blank , I cant save the change .

Should i unclick the default phone handler too as the google playstore said i am not using it ??

Make a privacy Policy then your problem will be solved This problem is Because of Texting Component

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Hey , @Sashibhusan_Sahoo
I removed the texting component . But it is mentioned in the screenshot about core functionality . So i have a doubt whether i need to unclick default phone handler too ?

In my understanding whenever the app is handling identifiable personal data (the phone number is certainly such data), then the privacy policy is necessary. I’ve been creating privacy policies for all my apps for years now, since in certain stores is mandatory, and the others might decide to do so whenever they want.

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okay @ellailona , but i do not know to make a policy url for it . They had written it in "Learn more " but dint not tell about how to make an url for it .
It would be great if u could help me :slight_smile:
Thanking u in advance :slight_smile:

A very similar discussion. All the best.

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Thank yOU . I found the solution for private policy by applying for "app privacy policy generator "which supports all mobile OS . I had pasted the url link in "privacy policy"from the blog post after i pasted the content from app policy privacy generator to blog post . I hope google playstore would accept my app :slight_smile:

This is the link :

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