Google sheet Form

Can we make new form in Google sheet using Web Api?

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Yes if you have any Extention for it Or Using Web Component.


Web component

I already written here.

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Your help is waiting for you, do not be too eager.

I’ve saved this code earlier. Try this code.

function doPost(request){
  // Open Google Sheet using ID
  var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.openById("1OOArrqjOqmD4GiJOWlluZ4woTMH_qaV6RKv4JXnT3Hk");
  var result = {"status": "SUCCESS"};
    // Get all Parameters
    var name =;
    var email =;
    var mobileNo = request.parameter.mobileNo;
    var feedback =;

    // Append data on Google Sheet
    var rowData = sheet.appendRow([name, email, mobileNo, feedback]);

    // If error occurs, throw exception
    result = {"status": "FAILED", "message": exc};

  // Return result
  return ContentService

Just change name, email, mobileNo and feedback with your column name. After writing this script, deploy it as WebApp.

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@golumaths100 I can’t understand.

After opening Google Spreadsheet, go to Tools and click on Script Editor. Once, you’ve written the code, you have to save it and deploy it.

Also, in openById, you will have to use your spreadsheet id. You will get it from the URL.

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You can explain better ?

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I want to do like this.
When button1 click create a new form in Google sheet and I want to do this without script editor.

Where is Google Sheet API documentation ?
Did You Read ?

Where is Google Form API documentation ?
Did You Read ?

Can you read the contents of your spreadsheet through Kodular? Do you have the id?



Friend, “Yes” ?
Yes for what?
You need to specify:
what you’ve tried.
what already works.
which doesn’t work. (form in spreadsheet?)

Because from that point you can be helped.

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To be very honest, you can not do that without script editor. You will have to write the script to POST and GET data from the spreadsheet.

If you want do it without script, you can try Thunkable because it comes with in-built Google Spreadsheet component. :sweat_smile:

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No, I used Google sheet in one of my app in kodular also for store and get data without script editor using web api.

With Extension or without extension? :thinking:

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Without extension.

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Let’s wait for someone to solve this. :slight_smile:

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So , I will repeat so that you can be helped:
-detail what you have already done and it works.
-detail what you want through Kodular to do on Google Sheet

API example…

Oh no, You already do that at Kodular.


Next step…

I think you want to just insert data with google form without google script.

you can try this

Make sure you make google form in your google sheet, and you can store data in your sheet without change value of data.

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