Google signin Error


Plz solve this. @Still-learning

Blocks pls…

  1. Have you added you app in firebase?
  2. Uploaded google-services.json file?
  3. Meanwhile have you enabled this setting in your firebase project?

Yes i am done these things … whn first time I try to login using Google login, it’s works perfectly but after that’s this bug I found…what can I do now…

Are you checking in companion?

Try like this


Can you plz provide me full block of google sign in…like else part as well…

Did you? can you answer this

Else open the screen that you want

Ok I will definitely try this out tomorrow… with my lappy…Thanks in advance

Are you wanting to learn this way?

If that was the case then an alert would pop Firebase Auth doesn't work in the Companion

Not working for me @dora_paz

Does user exist in firebase console ? Because for me it works fine

Yes exist… …