Got an errror solve my solution

Hello guys, I got an problem in my project for that i need your help to solve it.
The below image show error while getting current location.

**The Blocks i used are **

If there is any incorrect blocks rectify it.

While I installed apk the error i sawn was

If any one knows the solution rectify it

Thank You :heart:

Hi. I think because your textboxes are empty on initialize . What you are in textboxes when the app starts ?

The current location i.e Current longitude and latitude show visible on labels then the user should enter the destination latitude and longitude. Text box is not mandatary.

What extensions are you using? Running a search in Taifun’s extension list points to two (and only two) Deep Host extensions. You shouldn’t really use Deep Host extensions since the author is not active and lost support, making a lot of his extensions buggy over the years.

I make an extension. That extension I’m using, made by using niotron IDE